Have a concern about your parking operation or security? Park your trust with us. We are your expert source for all your parking operational needs.

“Every parking facility is unique and an operation and revenue security check-up must be tailored to fit the location.”
– Tom Dunn, Parking Consultant

Vice President Operations Tom Dunn has been in the parking industry for 37 years. He is a member of both the Canadian Parking Association and the National Parking Association.

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Operational Check up

  • Are your parking rates maximizing your revenue?
  • Is your parking facility equipment working well?
  • Are your revenue security features activated and being monitored?
  • Are effective operational procedures in place?
  • We can tailor an Operational check up to suit your needs

Refresh your existing Facility

  • Do you need to update/change your parking equipment/system?
  • Is it customer friendly?
  • Is it meeting current government accessibility standards?
  • Clean?
  • Well Lit?
  • Do you have effective signage?

Planning, Construction and Restoration

  • Review architectural designs
  • Egress and ingress configuration
  • Are structural protective systems in place?
  • Do you have a restoration plan in place?